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Business 101 Online Course
I am super excited to launch this course to be able to help many of you reach your full potential.
There are a many of you with so much talent and creativity but when it comes to the business part many get lost.
My goal with this course is to help you build a good foundation and set standards for you and your business.
This course will be filled with so much content that you can apply to any trade.

Each course will consist of 90-120 minutes

Here is a list of some of the topics that we will be focusing :

· Branding your business
o Business name
o Logo
· Handling social media
o Social media handle names
· Marketing
o What kind of clientele do you want?
o What platforms for advertisement
· Engaging content
o A digital handbook will be provided with tips and ideas for content
o Engaging with your audience.
o Getting to know more of what your clients want
· Paypal
o Why use paypal?
o Pros and cons
o Why I love paypal?
· Invoicing
o What app to use?
o Contracts
o Refunds
o Deposits
o Retainer
· Money
o Cash
o Card payments
o Do you have a bank account?
· Handling money
o what should I be paying myself?
o profit
o loss
o where do you keep your money?
· Keeping track of expenses
o Supplies
o Lunch
o Uniform
o Gas
o Wages
· Tracking miles
o Picking up supplies
o Running to the post office
o Delivery
· Setting a monthly budget
· Business goal
o Weekly
o Monthly
o Yearly
· How much do you want to grow?
· Time management
· Personal goals
· Sales
o Weekly
o Holiday
o Pop ups 
· Responsabilities of being a business owner
o Business license
o Sales permit
o Filling taxes
o Insurance
· Investments
· Hiring help – admitting we need help
· Website
· Branding products
o Learn how to ship packages.
This course will take place on a Facebook-group. Once you purchase the class an email will be sent with you link and password to the class.
Please allow up to 24 hrs. to be added to the group.

All tutorials, classes and recipes are the sole property of Chocolate Hustler LLC. Information purchased from Chocolate Hustler LLC by Adricel Fierro are for your personal use only and to supplement your business. There will be no refunds on recipes, classes or tutorials. You are not to share or sell recipes or content provided in classes, videos or PDFs. Any individual who is found distributing or sharing content is subject to legal action. A letter will be sent seeking compensation. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be eligible to receive content, group access or PDFs. Failure to result in complying with the above guidelines will also result in removal or any previously purchased classes or tutorials. You will also be blocked and banned.